“We build fine quality homes every year and maintaining our zero remediation rating from TARION is absolutely critical as our business grows. We knew that manual workaround weren’t going to cut it so we went with Buildmetric.”

Devcore Group

Warranty Notifications

30 days? 1 year? 7 years? 
Buildmetric Warranty is capable of determining the milestones of the project based on the criteria of the warranty provider. Automatically create warranty inspections which simplifies the warranty process for builders. Never miss another critical warranty period and always get your inspections done on time.

Electronic Signatures

Go completely paperless by completing any inspection or Warranty check with a digital signature directly from your mobile device onsite. You’ll no longer have to wait for the signed document to be physically delivered.

Age reports

Ensure your documentation is compliant by receiving timely prompts on incomplete inspections. Generate a comprehensive report of the deliverables to indicate when each deliverable is due and who is responsible, for any project.

Warrantied or Not

With Buildmetric, homeowners can identify possible defects and submit photos of them to home builders for review. Home builders then easily determine which defects are warrantied and notify the right trades and contractors for repair.

At-a- glance calendar view

With Buildmetric’s calendar view you can see at-a- glance all of the schedules, warranty dates and activities being performed across your sites. There’s no better way to efficiently organize the use of your contractors and onsite time.

Optimized workflow

Buildmetric Warranty helps project managers maintain an optimized workflow by generating and tracking simplified work orders, which allows project managers to maintain control and stay on top by keeping track of their workers.

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