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You can count on our state of the art proprietary software to get your business to the next level. Understand more how each of our differentiating features can help you succeed and get you to surpass your competitors.

Real time construction progress

Using mobile device onsite, projects managers are able to report on real-time progress of the projects they are responsible for and keep everyone within the organization informed and regularly updated.

Stage payment construction draws

Using the real-time construction updates provided by project managers, your accounting team is able to identify the exact dollar amount available for construction draws at any point during th construction process. It has never been this easy to seamlessly generate a comprehensive report to request a bank draw from a bank.

Construction loan management

Create and manage the information regarding your established mortgage blankets. Track all the bank disbursements of each home under that blanket, calculate and manage the retainers/holdbacks based on mortgage master agreement.

Report & history

Create various reports in minutes using the built in tools of Buildmetric and replace your paper based, labour intensive process. As you progress into the building process, all the crucial steps are recorded and available for review at any time.

Repeatable process

Scale your operations easily by assigning construction progress template to homes. Whether it is a single home or a townhouse, Buildmetric allows you to customize your building process template and apply it to any similar model of any series.

De-Risk your project

Integrating Buildmetric into your operations to track and share real-time progress updates with banks during the construction draws adds an important degree of transparency and professionalism to you project management. Banks will value the consistency, predictability and the standardization of the communication provided through Buildmetric. This will result in fewer site inspections by quality surveyors and higher probability in signing future loan agreements.

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