“My passion is in building great custom homes, not filling out paperwork. Using Buildmetric I was able to save hours every week.”

Blueprint Builds Inc.

Defect identification via photo

With Buildmetric Inspect, project managers can identify construction defects using their mobile devices, directly from the construction site and assign jobs to trades in a streamlined and simplified way. Communicate more effectively by taking a picture of a defect, highlighting the defect on the image and sending it, along with a description of the issue.

Multi-platform communication

Inspect has been designed to promote productivity by allowing you to do more work on the construction site rather than in the office. Builders will be able to create, assign and modify issues in seconds from their mobile device.

Past and current project accessibility

Eliminate paper documents and avoid the chance that you’ll miss an approval deadline. All documents are digitally stored and accessible to the team anytime, anywhere.

Easy to start

Buildmetric inspect is easy to use, making the adoption process effortless. Combined with the dedicated support staff that will assist you in data importation and troubleshooting, the initiation process has been simplified.

Easy to use

Get trades uploading photos and communicating without having to register accounts or remember passwords. Open the communication channel by simply clicking on the portal link that can be sent via email.

Accelerate your processes

Receive updates on the status of open issues from all trades on your mobile or on the web and respond all in real-time.

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