1. What devices do you support?

    We believe in freedom of choice. You can use Buildmetric from your computer, on any iPhone1 or iPad1 or any Android device2.

  2. Do trades need to download an app?

    Not at all. To keep things simple, your trades can collaborate with you through e-mail and a shared web portal.

  3. I have some great feedback and improvement, who should I tell?

    Chat with us, E-mail info@Buildmetric.com or talk to one of our co-founders at 613-712-9876.

  4. Can I take pictures of the deficiencies?

    Yes! Not only can you take a picture using your phone's camera, you are able to annotate and highlight the problem areas using markers.

  5. Can I use the app when my phone is out of coverage?

    We are currently testing offline mode for our apps and hope to launch the feature in the near future.

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