Why is Buildmetric unique?

At Buildmetric, we pride ourselves in our roots both as construction industry experts and technology professionals. Philip Tabet, co-founder and CEO, has spent over 12 years developing an expertise in construction management workflow while caring out various roles within the industry. From renovation project management to new home subdivision construction, sales and new home warranty management, Philip has a first-hand understanding of the need for a user-friendly software that engages users at all levels of the builder’s organisation.

With his co-founders Bailey Hu, CTO, and Arash Malekzadeh, COO, that are leveraging over a decade of software design and development experience, Buildmetric is achieving the perfect balance between simplicity, ease of use and full optimization of latest technologies that are influencing and transforming the construction industry today.

Founders and management

With over a decade of construction related experience, software design and development experience, we have created a valuable tool for our customers that focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use.

Philip Tabet

Co-founder and President

Bailey Hu

Co-founder and CTO

Arash Malekzadeh


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